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You guys are awesome ! from arranging a tow truck for me & giving me a ride to & from repair shop. Thank you.


Horrible actually! 250$ For a diagnostic? I would like to request some of the money back. And the BBBwill also be informed!

We performed testing of several potential causes of the engine running fault (fuel injector flow, ignition system performance, cylinder compression) before determining the mechanical failure was the sole cause. This gave you the answer about what was actually faulty after several attempts were previously made elsewhere. Nothing was done or charge made without your prior agreement. After paying the bill and indicating that you accepted the appropriateness of the charges, you found someone who claimed he would have done it for less money. There is always someone who will claim that, but the proof is in actually doing it correctly. We refunded half of the money which you paid, and you know that our testing results are accurate, yet you have negative reviews in numerous sites.

- Cascade Automotive Repair and Service Inc.

Excellent as always


Very thorough and complete work.


Love the attention to detail. Loren and Marlin take the time to explain what needs to be taken care of and why. Love the service from their shop. They have our business!


did a good job as far as actual work


Your baseline thoroughness, quality of work, and straight forward honesty continue to impress me. Our community is blessed to have a service such as yours. Always a pleasure, Cole Theander

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