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Cooling System Maintenance in Estacada

What is cooling system maintenance, and does my vehicle require it?

 Typically, the maintenance of your car's cooling system is quite straightforward: keep the coolant in good condition to protect the parts it comes in contact with and keep the engine cool. 

 Yes, your car requires this maintenance service to allow proper engine cooling and the life of expensive parts contacted by the coolant. With that said, let's explore the differences of requirements. Some cars require replacement of the coolant every 30,000 miles or 2 years, whichever comes first; others can go for up to 100,000 miles or 10 years before replacement is required by the vehicle manufacturer's standards. The differences in the possibilities lie in a variety of factors; 1. The metallurgy of engines. 2. The chemical composition of coolants. 3. The type of use your vehicle experiences. 

Does my car really require a specific coolant?  

 Part of the job of engine coolant is to protect the parts of engine cooling systems, which may include water pumps, radiators, EGR system coolers, hoses, and engine blocks. Since different vehicle manufacturers take varying approaches to the way an engine is built, there are significant differences in composition(s) of parts that comprise the cooling systems of engines in use today. These differences dictate the compositions of coolants that must be used in order to protect your car's engine, and it is impossible for universal coolant to match all of the requirements. Some manufacturers even have vehicles that in the same model year may require different coolants for different engines.

 Many people do not realize the negative impact of incorrect coolant, mixed coolant, or degraded coolant on ALL system components- water pump, engine block, heater, and even the hoses and thermostat.

 When improper coolants are used, engine and system component life suffers, and this can add up to serious repairs that have a major impact on your budget. Cascade Automotive Repair and Services stocks many coolant formulations so that we use the exact correct coolant in your vehicle.


How do I know when my car requires this service?

 See your vehicle owner's manual for the type and life expectancy of the coolant in your vehicle engine. In addition, the health of your vehicle's coolant is an item we take seriously, checking it at most engine oil change intervals to stay aware of any abnormalities and be able to let you know when required action is nearing.


What is involved in a cooling system service?

 Complete replacement of the coolant is necessary to maintain vehicle manufacturer service intervals; on most vehicles, this is best accomplished (and may not be possible another way) by the use of equipment that performs an exchange of the fluid. In many cases, fluid replacement may be preceded by addition of a cleaning product to the vehicle's cooling system after which the engine is run for a time to allow the cleaner time to work. This is followed by replacement of the coolant with new fluid, and may be followed with addition of a safe sealing product to allow stoppage of small leaks that threaten to develop.

 Ask us about the needs of your vehicle today!

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