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Estacada Engine Repair

 "My engine just died!  Shall I repair it or replace it?"  Answers to this occasional dilemma are usually complex.  Over the years, we have seen numerous folks spend large amounts of money for repairs, while others say "I need a new car".  Why is this?

 Often, it is about more than what it will cost to repair your vehicle. 

Ask yourself these questions about the possibility of an engine repair or replacement:

  1. Does the vehicle meet my needs and is it one I like?
  2. Will repair parts for my vehicle likely remain available for a long time? (we can help you sort this out).  
  3. Are there other major issues with the vehicle?  Conversely, are there major components that have just undergone major repair?  For example, has the transmission just been replaced or rebuilt?
  4. Can I (or am I willing to) sign a contract to spend the money for a car payment and quite possibly higher insurance payments for the next several years?
  5. Am I willing to buy a used car that may have been abused and may need as much repair as the one I currently have?

 Our whole staff is here to help with these major decisions, from our front counter to our qualified and certified technicians who know the heartbeat of your car. We can analyze your service history and your vehicle's current condition to help to make the best choice, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

 "Car troubles?  We're here to help!"

 Your Estacada engine repair specialists at Cascade Auto Repair and Services can help you with anything; from your engine to anything as simple as an oil change.

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