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Estacada Oil Change Station

 When should you change the oil in your car or truck? And what is the best oil? Check your vehicle owner's manual; it offers a wealth of information for the care and life of your car. In addition, the folks at your local Estacada oil change station, Cascade Automotive, are professionals who can help you sort through the possibilities and benefits of using premium-grade, long-life synthetic engine oil backed up by premium-quality oil filtration.

Are all oil changes the same? Does a Quick-Lube provide the same service that we do?

 When an engine oil service is performed here, a trained and certified technician who actually cares about your vehicle inspects it, carefully services it, and makes notes about any concerns found. We make informed, mindful service recommendations, so that only services which are truly beneficial are recommended. Faults which would soon result in expensive damage are often corrected inexpensively. In addition, we use only high-quality fluids and filters. Oil and air filters which are installed during low-cost oil changes are typically of very low quality, frequently resulting in short part life and accelerated engine wear. Another concern which we frequently find are leaking filter seals and damaged air filter housings. In fact, we replace more air filters because they are faulty than we replace because they are dirty! Sure, doing the job correctly often takes a little more time, but why accept unnecessary engine wear?

 With today's rapidly-changing technology, what was the best even just a few years ago may be far from the best on today's cars! We stock a large variety of oil and other service fluids, to ensure that the best service is given. Our suppliers include Amsoil, Chevron Delo, and Mobil. Give your Estacada oil change station a call now and let us partner with you in maintaining a happy car and driver!


 Today's car engine typically use very little oil compared to those in previous generations. However, regularly checking your car's engine oil is still a recommended practice for most cars. Don't know how to check it? You're not alone. Check your owner's manual or ask us to show you!

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