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1/14/2017 Terry Wooten Great People thank u
12/6/2016 Phil K Courteous and professional service. Never more than what you really need done.
11/29/2016 Tara Smith Great service and thorough.....Thank you.
11/9/2016 John Raglione did good prompt work
10/22/2016 Julie Quick service and very helpful staff. Thank you.
9/15/2016 Harry Yates Great
9/1/2016 Dianne Rowley I trust you to do well with my car. I like knowing the people that are working on it and like the fact that everyone is so friendly. Since I only know from driving and the car is running well, I can only say I have to rely on you to tell me what is needed.
8/29/2016 John Hatfield extremely happy..
8/8/2016 Kris Holboke Great service.
7/31/2016 Chuck Carter very pleased with your service
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